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At PUC, learn by doing! Go beyond the classroom and enter the real world.  This is hands-on learning with opportunities to travel, volunteer, work or create.  Test your professional choices with a head start on your career. Experiential learning builds your resume and your confidence. After completing two required experiential programs, you are better prepared to face the world challenges.
Purdue’s Experiential Learning is far more than your typical internship or foreign exchange program.  Each course is carefully designed to guarantee a real and meaningful experience. You are always testing your ideas, weighing the results and developing new strategies to apply to these real situations. Professors are with you all the way -- planning, guiding, reflecting and assessing your progress to assure continuous improvement.

Purdue University Calumet is one of a select few institutions in the country to adopt this approach as a graduation requirement that is designed to comply with the National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) standards. These standards set specific criteria that each program is held to in order to gain the most impact from each experience. Your experiential experience ends with an evaluation including a celebration of learning.

Experiential Learning prepares you to understand and meet today’s challenges through cultural immersion, service learning, professional or clinical practicum, internship, cooperative education, research and design project.  Discover your passion and secure your future.   Be ready for the life you choose.

Cultural Immersion -- Live classroom lessons through global experiences

Become a full-time Parisian or Spaniard not only speaking their language but sharing their lifestyle -- shopping, socializing and learning. While our language may the same, visitors to England discover cultural differences by studying at Oxford, attending Parliament, reading newspapers and, even, gathering at pubs. Unique to our program, the professor is a fellow traveler who provides ongoing insights on your experience. Upon return, you review the trip’s impact.   After living in a different environment, you can succeed anywhere in the world.

Service Learning -- Place a face on your studies

By volunteering in the community, build your skills and social awareness with the added benefit of impressing future employers with your civic responsibility. You spend most of the course in the community building a Habitat for Humanity, providing diverse learning experiences or creating a company to works with nonprofits. Your professor goes beyond designing the course by providing insights and assistance for continuous improvement.  Ongoing reflection enriches your experience.
This is a unique opportunity to test your values and skills.  Both you and your neighborhood benefit.    

Practicum -- Connect theories to practices

From kindergarten to high school, in either a rural or urban setting, you and your students learn invaluable lessons. Nursing concepts take on new meaning when you provide prenatal care, immunize patients, triage emergency cases or scrub in for surgery.  As a cruise ship employee become intimately involved with the daily operations of the travel industry with the extra benefit of exploring new places.  Professors provide ongoing mentoring so that you continuously improve.   Together, you measure and analyze the impact of your actions. Through a supervised practicum, gain the credentials, self-fulfillment and confidence necessary for a rewarding career.  

Internship --Turn concepts into meaningful experiences

Enter the fast-paced broadcast world by providing behind-the-scenes support to WGN or, for a multicultural experience, at Telemundo. In the Lake Michigan wetlands, learn and become part of the ecological process as you preserve plant and animal species.  Combine equestrian knowledge with business savvy for an equine management position at a farm or race track.  Through internships, face actual deadlines, budgets and problems that test and, ultimately, improve your abilities. You have the opportunity to try out your skills in the real world. From start to finish, advisors assure that these experiences facilitate your professional and personal growth. Together you assess your actions and make necessary changes to guarantee continuous improvement.

Cooperative Education -- Combine course work with professional employment

Pursue a part-time career at a local industry or business. Textbook knowledge comes to life as you face budgets, employee concerns, safety rules and customers.   This intensive on-the-job training develops your skills and increases your understanding of the marketplace. Progressively challenging assignments build your business savvy and self assurance.  By alternating classes with employment, your education becomes real.  Your professor and employer play an ongoing role in your professional development.  They design the course, provide training and measure results with ongoing feedback to assure the best possible experience.

Research -- Apply classroom knowledge to the discovery process            

At the prestigious FERMI labs, work with internationally renowned physicists from CERN labs in Switzerland conducting groundbreaking research.   Address environmental concerns by providing energy efficiency audits or creating alternate fuel sources such as hydrogen produced from food.  Develop your analytical abilities and teamwork skills in the real world. You have the opportunity to discover cutting-edge solutions. These thrilling opportunities build your character and your resume. Professors are subject-matter experts who offer compelling experiences to benefit the world and you.  In addition to their knowledge, they provide ongoing feedback and support so you grow as a professional.  

Design Project -- Sharpen your skills by solving problems  

Apply computer technology to the reality of the workplace.  Surrounded by flames, your graphic creation measures the efficiency of a blast furnace. Soar under water with a radio-charged submarine.  Complete 3D models, web sites and videos for clients. These real results mean far more than a transcript to future employers. You receive coaching throughout the process from inception to formal presentation. Professors assure that projects keep pace with the industry’s technological needs to assure a real and meaningful project.

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING -- Leverage classroom education into challenging experiences 

Test your choices and gain a head start on your career. Learn more about yourself and the world.  Purdue University Calumet’s Experiential Learning Program is REAL EDUCATION.

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